Will your PR ever be Merged?

Have you ever made an open source contribution? Whether your PR is rejected/ignored or successfully merged can depend on factors other than just the quality of your work.

Macrobase Diff Case Study 1: IMDB Movies

Lets analyse a known dataset: the Kaggle IMDB dataset, which contains info about some of the best rated movies.

Macrobase Diff - minimal implementation

In my last post (https://pzakrzewski.com/posts/macrobase/) I introduced Macrobase, a tool and a methodology for prioritising attention in data analysis.


Macrobase - Prioritising Attention in Data Some time ago I played around with Macrobase, as I have been interested in anomaly detection for analysing monitoring metrics.

Go Struct Diff

I just moved to a Go based project from working on a Python-Django and previously a Nodejs one.